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Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Film Series, Envisioning Los Angeles: Past, Present, Future – Miracle Mile

Saturday, July 27, 2013



5905 Wilshire Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90036

(323) 857-6000

Miracle Mile
1988/color/87 min./35mm

Scr/dir: Steve DeJarnatt; w/ Anthony Edwards, Mare Winningham, John

Set just a few steps from LACMA, Steve DeJarnatt’s nerve-shredding Miracle Mile offers glimpses of a mid-Wilshire now largely transformed—Ohrbach’s department store (now the Petersen Auto Museum) and Johnnie’s Coffee Shop both feature prominently. Anthony Edwards stars as a trombonist with a preservationist streak. Waiting at Johnnie’s for a date, he answers a ringing payphone and receives a panicked declaration from a mid-western nukes silo. A late night prank call? Or has Edwards just learned that nuclear warheads are headed toward Los Angeles within the hour? Disbelief gives way to alarm and eventual all-out hysteria as word begins to spread.

“[A] runaway train of delirious paranoia, postnuclear dread, and madcap domino-theory madness…Los Angeles has always been the sweatiest, most incendiary, most apocalyptic of American cities, and this movie exploits like no other its unique midsummer’s-night feeling of expectant crisis.”—Michael Atkinson.

Bing Theater | $10 general admission; $7 LACMA members, seniors (62+), and students with valid ID; $5 LACMA Film Club. | Tickets: 323 857-6010 or purchase online.

 In conjunction with the exhibition The Presence of the Pastthis film series curated by Bernardo Rondeau, Assistant Curator of Film, aims to capture representations of past, present and future Los Angeles onscreen.

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